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Laboratory-Grown Diamonds

Kleinhenz Jewelers now offers laboratory-grown diamonds in addition to natural mined diamonds.  Kleinhenz offers loose laboratory-grown diamonds, stud earrings, wedding/anniversary bands and hoop earrings.

Laboratory-Grown vs. Mined Diamonds

Laboratory-Grown and Mined diamonds are identical in chemical, optical, and physical properties. They’re both grown from carbon, under tremendous heat and pressure. The only difference is time and location. They are classified separately and are cut to the same high standard.

Laboratory-grown diamonds are grown over a very short period of time, typically two-three weeks by two different methods.  These methods are high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD). To the naked eye, or even a trained one, you cannot tell the difference. With specialized equipment in a lab, technicians can detect minor differences.

Lab grown diamonds are available in most shapes and sizes with laboratory reports from GIA and IGI.