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Choosing An Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Diamond Shapes

Even before those infamous 4 C’s (cut, color, clarity and carat), you must know what shape
your future fiancee loves. Shape indicates the actual geometry of the stone.

Asscher Cut Diamonds

The Asscher Cut diamond has cut corners and stepped sides which give the appearance of concentric squares when viewed from above. This shape was popular in the 1930’s and has come back into fashion in recent years with fashion’s current obsessions with antique and vintage style ring styles.

Cushion Cut Diamond

The Cushion Cut Diamond has become a popular choice recently. This choice of shape looks like a combination of a square or rectangular brilliant cut diamond and an oval diamond. It can be square or rectangular with soft rounded edges. Unlike many other shapes, the Cushion does not have a standard number of facets or facet arrangement. The beauty of this shape is truly in the eye of the beholder! It lends a soft, romantic and antique flair to any ring.

Emerald Cut Diamond

A rectangular cut with long, lean facets extending down the sides, it’s this shape’s large table that shows off the rock’s clarity better than any other shape. What it lacks in brilliance, it more than makes up for In undeniable quiet elegance and cool confidence. Created in the art deco period, the emerald boasts long, glamorous lines, a rectangular shape with cut corners that resemble stair steps (it’s often called a step cut) and its name was taken from the most popular shape for emeralds in the 1920s.

Heart Cut Diamond

Those who prefer to wear their hearts on their fingers will fall for the ultimate symbol of romance, the Heart Shaped Diamond. Like pear shape diamonds, heart shapes can be wider or more elongated and it’s the skill of the diamond cutter that defines the brilliance and beauty of this diamond shape.

Marquise Cut Diamond

The uniquely tapered cut, essentially an oval with rounded sides and points at each end, is distinctive and dramatic, much like the women who choose to wear it. This clever cut can also look larger than it actually is, and due to its elongated shape, can make fingers look leaner and more slender. It’s ideal for those looking to maximize carat weight and for those who like a little opulence every now and again.

Oval Cut Diamond

The Oval diamond has remarkable brilliance. Even and symmetrical, this shape ls popular as a solitaire among those with smaller hands or shorter fingers, because the oval’s elongated shape gives the illusion of length to the hand, resulting in slender-looking fingers. However, the oval is also often flanked by side stones, whether smaller diamonds, sapphires, emeralds or other gems, appealing to a wide range of tastes.

Pear Cut Diamond

The Pear resembles a twinkling teardrop, much like the one that might run down her check after your present It to her. Popular for pendants and earrings, the pear shape is also a unique and excellent choice for engagement rings, and can be ‘fatter’ or more elongated, depending on your preference.

Princess Cut Diamond

If you love the fire of the traditional Round Brilliant Cut, but want something a little different, you might just fall in love with the icy fire of the square Princess Cut Diamond.

While not the traditional selection, Princess Cut Diamonds make lovely engagement rings, either as a solitaire or with accent side diamonds. The Princess Cut was designed for getting maximum brilliance from a square cut!

Round Brilliant Diamond

Round diamonds are far and away the most popular diamond shape for engagement rings, accounting for more than 75 percent of all diamonds sold. Round diamonds have 58 facets, which cause light to bounce from the bottom of the diamond back through the top, giving it unbelievable sparkle. The shape is extremely versatile and timeless, looking clean and modern in simple settings, yet equally as good in more elaborate styles. When cut perfectly, the round will display a heart-and-arrows pattern and give you the absolute BEST light return!